Fossils for kids

This website is dedicated to providing  fossil education, information and fun for
kids of all ages. Questions will be answered, fossils will be found and you'll have
fun in the process.


The "I Gotta Question" page
answers a lot of common
questions about fossils and has
an e-mail link so that you can
contact us with your special

The "X Marks the Spot" page lists
descriptions and locations of
places all across the United
States you can go to collect

The "Now and Then" page has
cool pictures of different kinds of
fossils that you might find and
shows what the animal they
came from might have looked

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U.S. Fossils is a page that describes
sites I have visited and fossils I've
collected across the United States.

The "Shark Teeth" page has pictures
of shark teeth of numerous shapes,
sizes, and colors.  These teeth have
been collected from all over the

The "Shark Tooth Hill Virtual
Museum" page has a great
collection of pictures from the
famous STH Bone Bed.

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The "Cool Links Page" has links
to some awesome internet Fossil
Information and activities

The "Invertebrate" page has great
pictures of various invertebrates from
all over the world,

The "Safety First" page gives you
great tips on how to stay safe
while your collecting fossils

The "Fossils on Wheels" page talks
about our free fossil presentations
we do at schools and hospitals.
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check out!

The "Sands of Time" page has a
geological time chart that helps
you understand what creatures
inhabited Earth throughout history.

The "Amber" page has pictures
various bugs caught and preserved
in amber


The "Tools of the Trade" page
describes the kind of tools you use
to find fossils and how to use