Fossils for kids

Safety First !!
Just when you thought it was safe to collect fossils........
OK, probably will never find yourself in the same kind of situation that Christie found
herself in while you're collecting fossils.  However there are some simple rules to follow to insure that
you have a fun and safe fossil collecting experience:
  • Try not to go collecting by yourself especially if you're new at it.  Just in case an accident
    happens there will be someone there to help.  Also it's great to have some one with you to
    show off the awesome fossils you find!  If you ever do go out collecting by yourself let someone
    know where you'll be and when to expect you back.
  • Always check on the weather before you go collecting. NEVER  collect in a thunderstorm.  Be
    prepared for weather that is too hot or cold.  Wear the right cloths and protect yourself from
    the wind and the sun.
  • When picking up rocks or digging holes always be aware of "creepy crawlies".  Spiders,
    centipedes, snakes and other creatures may make their homes in the rocks and dirt that you find
    fossils in.  So just be careful and look before you reach.  It's also a good idea to wear work
    gloves for protection.
  • When looking for fossils in or near creeks and rivers be sure to be careful around the water.  
    Never go alone and stay away from deep water!!  Go with someone who is experienced at
    collecting fossils in the water.
  • Stay away from cliffs and rock slides.  These are very tempting places to explore but they are also
    very dangerous.
  • When using tools like picks and hammers pay careful attention to what you are doing.  Always
    wear safety goggles when breaking rocks.

*Fossil collecting can be a blast but there can be some risks involved so please be careful and safe!!

**No actual daughters were harmed or eaten while making this website!!