Fossils for kids

"X" Marks The Spot
 Finding fossils is half the battle!  Luckily many hard working and dedicated fossil collectors have already
done the hard work of searching for and finding great fossil locations.  We've listed some of these
locations so you can plan some nice fossil collecting trips.  A few words of caution when using someone
else's directions:
* Make sure you have the right to dig there whether it is a public or private area.
*Check your directions and make sure someone knows where you're going
*Things change!  What was once a great place to collect fossils may not be that good any more.
*Never expect easy collecting.  If it's worthwhile it's usually hard work.
*Try to take a "local" collector with you to show you the best way to find and collect the fossils

Places I Dig!! Follow this link to pages that I have descriptions, pictures, and directions to places I like to
go.  This page will be updated quite often.

Fossil Collecting in The U.S  This is a great site with great fossil collecting location throughout the U.S.  I
have had very good hunting at some of the locations from this site.
*Warning: Some of theses sites no
longer exist or have vague locations and descriptions.  However it does provide some good starting

Fossil Collecting in Arizona  This site gives very detailed descriptions of some incredible fossil sites
throughout Arizona.
 This is a very informative site.

East Coast Sites:   These are some nice relatively easy places to collect along the East Coast.