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Shark Tooth Hill Virtual Museum
Shark Tooth Hill!  The name is legendary among fossil collectors.  If there's a fossil heaven then for
me Shark Tooth Hill is it!   It's the "Elephant Graveyard" for Miocene Marine fossil fauna.  Located in
Central California is a 100sq mile fossil formation that is all that's left of a great Miocene period sea.  
This prehistoric body of water was teeming with sea life of great diversity.  Most of the fossil layer is
buried deep within oil land.  However, east of Bakersfield on the banks of the Kern River, are a few
places where the fossil layer is exposed.  Click
here to see just how we find fossils in Bakersfield.  The
Hart's Park semi-public area, privately owned land, and the actual Shark Tooth Hill which is now a
protected preserved.  The fossils that you'll see on this website were collect in either the Hart's Park
area (shown above) or on Bob Ernst's land.  Bob is a great friend and has been a real benefactor for
my school presentations and exhibits.  His is quite the digger and I swear he can smell out the fossils!!  
He is one of the most dedicated fossil collectors that I have ever met and he has generously shared his
discoveries with educational institutions and museums throughout the U.S.  Through his knowledge
and experience I was able to identify most of the fossils I have collected.  Some of these fossils are
displayed on this site for your enjoyment.  Click on the various highlighted names to see some of the
Shark Tooth Hill fossils that I have be fortunate to find.

Marine Mammals                                               Sharks and Fish

     Allodesmus (large sea lion)                                          Megalodon Shark
     Neotherium (small sea lion)                                        Mako Shark (Hastalis)
     Desmostylus (sea hippo)                                             Mako Shark (Planus)
     Aulophyseter (sperm whale)                                       Snaggletooth Shark
     Toothed Whale (unknown)                                       Cow Shark
     Prosqualodon (toothed whale)                                   Stingray
     Periotic Bones (Whale/Porpoise)                                 Fish/Shark Vertebrae