Fossils for kids

Digging In bakersfield
Bakersfield was once under water??!!!  That's right!  Part of what is now known as the Central
Valley was a huge bay millions of years ago.  This is why a place can be many miles from the ocean
but still be a great place to find the remains of sea-life.  So let's look at what it's like to search for fossils
in Bakersfield.
Step 1 You need to get to the dig site which many times can require a Four-Wheel drive vehicle.  
Then you need to set up some type of base camp especially if you're going to be there for awhile.
Step 2 Now you have to start digging.  Sometimes the fossil layer can be pretty deep down and it
takes some muscle, hard work, and patience to get there.  In this picture the fossil layer is where the
rock hammer is.
Step 3 After you have dug down to the fossil layer you now have to brush away the loose dirt and
carefully look for signs of fossils.  In the picture above you can just barely make out the tip of a shark
tooth sticking out about the spike.  Carefully work around the tooth to expose it bit by bit.  Always
take your time and be careful.  Fossils can be very fragile.
Step 4 Now carefully remove your fossil from the wall and marvel at something that has been
waiting 14,000,000 years for you to find it!!  The picture on the right is the reward at the end of a
hard day of digging and collecting.