Fossils for kids

    The movie Jurassic Park helped put fossil amber on the map.  Amber is prehistoric tree resin
that fossilizes into a relatively soft rock.  The resin sometimes traps insects leaves and even small
mammals.  It can come in many colors such as honey, congac, red, green, yellow, and blue.  
Most amber is mined in places such as Chiapas Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Lithuania.  I
enjoy buying or finding raw amber, polish it and then look under a microscope and discover the
various treasures.  Most amber is no older than 70 million years old making the idea of Jurassic
park not very realistic since the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.  However, Jurassic Park
not withstanding, amber is a fascinating type of fossils.
This fearsome guy is a tiny preying mantis
in green Mexican amber.
This beautiful Creature is an unidentified
winged beauty in yellow Baltic Amber
This graceful creature is a winged termite
in Baltic Amber
This couple are two flies frozen together
in time and in Baltic amber
This awesome guy may be some type of fly
but which type I am unsure of.  He is
homed in Baltic Amber
This female worker ant is capture forever
in Dominican amber