Fossils for kids

Cool Links !!
Use this page like a launching pad!  It can send you throughout the world-wide web to exactly where
you need to go to find out almost anything you need to know about fossils.

Fossil Facts and Fun: These sites are loaded with great info about various kinds of fossils and the
animals they came from.  Several of these sites are designed just for kids and have some awesome online
games and activities!  This site is a must visit for anyone interested in fossil shark teeth!  There are hundreds of
pictures and descriptions of most types of fossil shark teeth and the animals they came from.  Very
professionally organized.  This site surpasses most books you can find about fossil sharks.  This site has a
special relationship with the Aurora Fossil Museum and the Lee Creek fossil locality.

Walking with Beasts  This is one of the coolest interactive fossil websites around.  You can't help yourself
from having fun and learning at the same time!

Black River Fossils  This is a very interesting site that tells of the fossil exploits of "DitchWeezil" and his
gang of Meg hunters.  Some really cool fossil collecting stories and great info on the various tools you
can use for finding those really elusive fossils.

Oceans of Kansas  "This isn't your Kansas Toto"  Kansas was much different 100,000,000 years ago!  It
was covered in a vast ocean with all types of giant sea creatures swimming about.  This awesome
website is dedicated to discovering what the "Oceans of Kansas" were all about.

Oceans of Kansas: Sea Life This companion site to the Oceans of Kansas has many incredible pictures of
what the gigantic sea life of Kansas might have looked like.

A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites   Trilobites are probably the most popular fossils to collect of all
time!  There are hundreds of species and they all look cool!  This site has all the trilobite info you could
possibly need!

Horse Fossils: Cyber-Museum Horses have made an incredible and long evolutionary journey through
time.  To learn how they went from dog size forest dwellers to the majestic animals that "run for the
roses" each year you must visit this site.  It's very informative and fun.

Zoom Dinosaurs  This website is designed for kids who love dinosaurs!  It is loaded with fun facts and
activities to teach you about these gigantic reptiles.

Museums: The museums listed here are rich in fossil collections and very helpful to the amateur
paleontologist and fossil collector.

Aurora Fossil Museum This great little North Carolina Museum is a must stop by for anyone fossil
collecting on the east coast.  It is a great repository for the famous and nearby Lee Creek Phosphate
Mine.  Great photos of commonly found fossils, especially shark teeth, can be found on this site.

Buena Vista Museum of Natural History A classic example of dynamite coming in small packages.  This
small museum in the heart of Bakersfield, California may have one of the finest Miocene Marine fossil
collections that you will ever be lucky enough to behold.  It is
the showcase for the world famous Shark
tooth Hill bone bed.  On this website you'll find out how you can participate in great paleo-workshops
and geology field trip.

Behind the Scenes of a Museum  This is a nice little site that has great facts and activities designed just for

Fossil Collecting Tours

Paleo Prospectors   This site offers various collecting trips at various sites in the Dakotas and Wyoming.

Fossil  This site offers great low cost day trips to the creeks and rivers of SW Florida.  
Fossils found can be any thing from mammoth teeth to megalodon teeth!  These are also very
educational and fun tours.  The website has a great page for identifying fossils.

Paleo Discoveries   Fred, the owner/operator of Paleo Discoveries, is one of the best guides around for
finding fossils on the Peace River in Florida.  He leads energetic and fun walk-in and canoe trips that are
sure to provide fossils and adventure for kids of all ages.  I highly recommend a trip down the Peace
with Paleo Discoveries!

Kamloops Canadian Fossil Tours  A unique chance to collect fossils in British Columbia

Jurassic Tours  A wonderful opportunity to collect dinosaur fossils in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.
 These are multiple day excursions and there is usually a defined limit to what you can collect.

Oregon Tours  Discover Miocene Marine Mammals on the coast of Oregon.  These are inexpensive day
trips that are also ideal for educational groups.

Online Fossil Stores: There are hundreds of fossil stores on the internet but the sites listed here have all
donated fossils to our "Fossils on Wheels" program so they have a special place in our heart!

Tell Me Where on  Is one of the most interesting fossil sites on the web.  It is a huge site that has
fossils, shark tooth necklaces and much more.  *Their page on Gordon Hubbel's private museum is worth
the trip buy itself.

Pangaea Fossils  This site has been a strong supporter of this program since the beginning.  They have a
great selection of fossils that I highly recommend.

Sharky's Shop: This store specializes in shark tooth jewelry.  They also sell complete collections of shark teeth
in their collections gallery.

Taylor Made Fossils  This site has great Dinosaur fossils and replicas at very reasonable prices.  But it's much
more than Dinosaur fossils.  There is a great variety of fossil and prehistoric items on this site.

Amberica West  Amber is a great fossil source and it's one I don't have a lot of experience with.  The guys at
Amberica West have a huge and very cool selection of fossil amber.  They also give awesome information
on each and every piece they offer.

Two Guys Fossils   This link takes you to a page dedicated to kids with lots of fun and educational fossil and
dinosaur stuff for sale!!

Hensken's Fossils These guys donated fossils all the way from the Netherlands to our cause so your know
they're cool!!  They have some great fossils for sale such as mammoth teeth, cave bear claws and much  

Discovering Fossils  This is a great site created by a gentleman from England.  He was nice enough to
provide us with the chart we use in our "Sands of Time" page.

Eddie's Shark Teeth  Eddie is a very fair and friendly dealer from North Carolina.  He can put together a
great collection for beginners as well as some quality teeth for the more serious collector.

Fossilicious  This site not only has great fossils for sale but it also has a great selection of educational books
and pamphlets perfect for that young fossil enthusiast.