Fossils for kids

Fossil Shark Teeth
All fossil collectors have a favorite type of fossil that they just love to find and learn everything
about them that they can.  For me it's fossil shark teeth.  Sharks have been around for a very long
time (over 200,000,000 years!!!).  Fossil shark teeth can be found almost anywhere on earth.  
They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Just click on the names listed below to see
some of the shark teeth I have collected (found, traded for, or bought) over the years.  You can
view groups of teeth by where they were found (location) or by the kind of shark the tooth came
from (type).  Have fun!

Location                                            Type  
Bakersfield                                           Megalodon      
Chile                                                   Great White (Extinct)
               Florida (Bone Valley)                            Mako (Broad Blade)
               Florida (Peace River)                            Mako (Hooked Tooth)
               Morocco                                             Otodus
North Carolina                                     Agustidens
               Peru                                                    Ariculatus
               South Carolina                                     Snaggle Tooth
               Virginia                                               Tiger Shark
               Netherlands                                         Sand Tiger
Cow Shark
                                                                         Reef (Bull, Dusky, and Lemon)