Fossils for kids

Hooked Tooth Mako
     The "Poster Child" of shark teeth for Bakersfield is the Hooked tooth Mako.  They are only
found in California, Baja and rarely Japan.  Distinguished by their sweeping curve these are truly
unique teeth.  In Bakersfield they come in a wide variety of colors: Upper left is a large and thick
creamy upper anterior tooth.  Upper Center is an extremely sharp edge "fire zone" tooth with
bold splashes of red and orange.  Upper right is a tooth we call the "Chinese Tooth" because the
manganese crystals that formed on the blade look like calligraphy. Left center is a large deep rich
coffee colored tooth.  Middle center is a dramatically curved lateral tooth.  Middle right has a
bright orange blade.  Lower left is a tooth that you have to see with the naked eye to truly
appreciate it.  It has a very light root and the blade is navy blue with yellowish splashes mixed in.  
The lower center tooth in a long an slender "fire zone" tooth and the lower right is a nice light
gray and yellow tooth.