Fossils for kids

Great White
   The name "Great White" will forever be connected with the blockbuster movie known as
"JAWS"!  The thought of a 21 foot shark swimming anywhere near where you might be swimming
or fishing was a terrifying image!  The vertebra and white tooth (2 inches long) in the picture  
above came from a Great White that died in 1974.  It was over 18 feet long which is very large
for a modern great white.  About 2 to 6 Million years ago they grew to a whopping 30 plus feet
long and carried a set of huge serrated teeth (2 3/4-3 1/4 inches long)!!!  The upper left tooth is
from Chile.  The upper right one is from South Carolina.  The lower left tooth is from Peru and
the lower right one is from North Carolina.