Fossils for kids

Fossils on Wheels  
Our Fossils on Wheels programs brings the excitement of paleontology and fossil collecting right
to your classroom,   These programs are free and they are as much fun for me presenting them as
they are for the kids and adults that attend them.  I have, over the past 4 years, provided 63
programs for well over 2,500 kids and adults.  I took a break for a year due to relocation but we
are going to start our programs in the San Jose area Sept. 2008.  Click on one of the listings
below to see some of the fun photos we have of the kids enjoying some of the programs.
We now do birthdays and club meetings such as Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, etc.... for a
very reasonable fee which varies based on travel distance, and content of program.  If
you're interested just let us know at ***

                                                Central Valley (2002-2006)

                                                 The Bay Area (Aug 2008)    

San Jose (Feb 2009)