Fossils for kids

Fossils on Wheels (San Jose)
We roared out of the gate in 2009!  We provided 5 classes for approximately 150 young ladies
and gentlemen in Ms. J's class.  We focused on evolution and adaptation but in the end, like all of
the programs we provide, we exchanged fossils for smiles!
"Food", "Meg" and "Sharkey"!  These were the nick names for our lovely volunteers.  Food on the
left is holding a whale vert.....making her "food".  The lady in the middle is holding some
awesome Megalodon teeth ergo the nickname......."Meg".  And last but not least representing the
evolutionary survivor the Dusky shark is ......"Sharkey"                                          
This gentleman is holding a HUGE Texas Ammonite as I hold an artists'
conception of what an Ammonoid might have looked like.                            
Explaining some of the facts behind the trilobite this lad found.  In the meantime this girls
expectantly await knowledge about the fossils they just "discovered".
And when the kids weren't looking......I actually snucked in some educational information!
Maybe the Boy Scouts can create a "Fossil Collecting" merit badge!!