Fossils for kids

Tools of the trade
Sometimes to remove a fossil
from the rock surrounding it you
may need to bust it open with a
sledge hammer.  This works
great on nodules and concretions.
Every serious fossil collector has
to have a good rock hammer!  
This is the signature tool of the
trade.  It's great for separating
fossils from the matrix if used
To get to most fossils it takes
hard work, sweat, and the old
reliable combination of Pick and
Shovel.  Just remember to not
swing carelessly or you may
injure yourself or damage fossils.
For the really hard to get fossils
there's always...............BOOM!!
Just kidding!!!!  Dynamite is
usually not an option for the
average fossil collector
A whisk broom or even a paint
brush does wonders to help clear
away dust and dirt to help you
see the out line of a fossil in
To make sure you uncover all
the fossils that you may dig up it
might be necessary to screen for
smaller fossils using a sifter.