Fossils for kids

  Trilobites are one of the most universally recognized fossils.  Trilobites roamed the sea floors from
520 million years to 250 million ago.  Trilobites were a wonderfully diverse group of arthropods that
came in various sizes from less than an inch to several feet in length.  Some of them can have a very
exotic look to them.
This little 1/2 inch trilo is shaped
like a figure 8, comes from Utah
and is called Acadagnostus
This 2 inch Brown
beauty is from Utah
and called Elrathia
This is another Elrathia
from Utah in a darker
This little guy is from
mineral Wells, Texas and
is called Ditomopyge
This shiny, green, rolled
trilo is from Ohio and
called Flexicalymene
This is a perfectly rolled
trilo found in Ohio but
type unknown