Fossils for kids

    Cephalopod is the name given to the Squids and Octopus.  Ancient Cephalopods often had hard
shells that could be straight or  spiral and came in elaborate shapes, sizes, designs and colors  They
varied in sizes of less than 1/4 in diameter to several feet in diameter.
  The three main groups of
fossil cephalopod remains found are  Nautiloids, Ammonites and Belimites.  These ancient beauties
lasted from about 400 million years ago to about 160 million years ago when they disappeared
about the time the dinosaurs became extinct.  The legacy the left behind are some of the most diverse
and interesting fossils that can be found.                      
This 2 inch ammonite is found
in Nevada and called a
These little 1/2 inch ammonites are pyritized.  They are
found with hundreds of other ammonites and other
invertebrates near Lake Waco, Texas
These shiny beauties are from
Germany and are called
This incredibly sutured
beauty is a Sphenodiscus
from Texas
Here is a fifty pound monster
from Texas known as an
This 6 inch ribbed ammonite
is from Texas and called a
This stunning opalized Belimite comes
from Australia
Look at the awesome sutures and great colors on this
6 inch Baculite from Montana!
This two inch Hildoceras
comes from  Western
A world Class Ammolite
Ammonite beauty from
These Belimites are from a creek in New Jersey.  
Notice the split down the center of the halves.
This Black Beauty is form Peru
and is known as Prolyelliceras