Fossils for kids

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BardstoWN Reef (TaylorsVille, KY)
  This wonderful and easy to access site is perfect for collectors of all ages and experience.  It is locally
known as the Bardstown Reef formation.  This is an upper Ordovician formation that is load with
Brachiopods (Some neatly siliconized), Horn Coral, Cephalopods and Bryozoans and a few other
ancient surprises.  To get there  take Gene Snyder Freeway to Taylorsville Road, go east on
Taylorsville Road a little over a mile to Ky 155, turn right and go a little over a mile look for the first
exposed rock cut on the left. Should be light gray if dry. If you go right after a rain the darker fossils
are much easier to spot.  Additionally just past this site on the same road go another 3.5 miles down
155,  On the left and right is a road cut with some of the same fossils (mostly Brachiopods) but you
will know its the place because of the huge oblong corals sticking out of the formation. This part of
the Bardstown reef and these corals are spectacular. Many of these corals have crystalized chambers
and are very cool!
Caution!!!!  This site is right off of a road.  It is fairly busy road so be very careful if you have kids with
you.  Also alway be careful for the potential of falling when you go up a road cut.